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Haryana: Action against medical establishments using Red Cross emblem

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GURUGRAM: The Red Cross emblem has virtually been hijacked by medical professionals, pharmacies, commercial ambulances and hospitals in Haryana state.

To stop its misuse, the Haryana Red Cross Society has said that a recently constituted team of 50 members to check female feticide and pre-natal sex determination will carry out inspections and impose fine on offenders.

Shyam Sunder, Secretary, Red Cross, Gurugram, said, "The team will visit doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, chemists and druggists etc. and will instruct them to take off the symbol within a week. The firms refusing to comply with the orders, will face action."

He stated, “A report on the same is to be submitted to Haryana government and those who refuse to take the emblems down may face further action.”

The secretary further said that there is no record of how many chemists, clinics or private hospitals have been using the emblem.

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