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Telangana sanctions 434 new posts in Primary Health Centers

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 Inkeshaf Ahmed
There will be a massive recruitment drive for medical staff in Telangana's Primary Health Centers.

In a move to strengthen its Primary Health Centers (PHCs) across the state, the Telangana government has sanctioned 432 new posts in 54 PHCs of the state. Each PHC will get two doctors, four staff nurses and one medical lab technicians.

The finance department of the state has given its green signal and issued a Government Order to fill up the 432 posts. The GO was issued following a request by the health, medical and family welfare department of the state seeking its permission to equip the selected PHCs with manpower.

Of the total posts, 108 posts of are of doctors, 216 posts are of staff nurses, and 54 posts are of medical lab technicians. The health department has decided to fill up the posts of the doctors through a committee appointed by the health department and the remaining posts through state level recruitment agency-Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC).

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