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Pregnant nurse’s death: 3 AIIMS docs suspended for a month

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NEW DELHI: Finding serious lapses on the part of doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) the Delhi Medical Council (DMC) has struck the names of two resident doctors from the state medical register for a month.

These doctors were involved in the treatment of nurse Rajbir Kaur who died in AIIMS-Delhi of multi-organ failure and severe blood infection in January, 2017.

DMC has also asked its West Bengal counterpart to do the same for the third doctor who is registered with it. As per law, the doctors cannot practice medicine without their names being on the medical register.

The council has also criticized the AIIMS for hiring a doctor not registered with DMC.

Nurse Rajbir Kaur was admitted to AIIMS with full-term pregnancy in January  2017. While under observation, the foetal heartbeat dropped and she was taken for an emergency surgery.

The nurse had a cardiac arrest on the table and died 16 days later in the hospital.

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