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FSSAI bats for safe, nutritious food in workplaces

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NEW DELHI: India's food safety regulator, FSSAI, which is conducting a nation-wide campaign to help people eat safe and eat right, has advocated adoption of safe and nutritious food at the workplace.

To promote employee awareness, some of the measures include an FSSAI trained Health and Wellness Coordinator, educating employees through resources such as The Orange Book, providing healthy food options, using fortified foods for cooking, promoting general health and well-being etc.

The Food safety regulator aims at recognizing and rewarding health-promoting workplaces. A process would be developed to rate and certify the work places on a 15-point matrix.

The evaluation would promote a holistic approach, going beyond the canteen/cafeteria, to look at the systematic efforts at promoting a healthy ecosystem at the workplace.

Launching ‘The Orange Book: Your Guide to Safe and Nutritious Food at the Workplace’, Dr. Vinod Paul, Member NITI Aayog, applauded the consistent efforts of FSSAI in the direction of ensuring safe and wholesome food to 130 crore Indian citizens.

He highlighted that a safe, hygienic and healthy diet is not only the key to preventive healthcare but also improves employee productivity. The rating mechanism would not only assess the nutritional environment of the workplaces but would also provide a ready list of great places to work who are mindful to their employees' productivity and health, which should be the fundamental part of any corporate wellness initiative.

Dr. V. K. Singh, Joint Secretary, DOPT, emphasized that workplaces need to be more cognizant of employees’ health and well-being. Inculcating small tips and practices from The Orange Book should be on the agenda of all workplaces, including the Government.

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