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Drug Controller: Chemists must have separate rack for generics

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 Rohit Shishodia
Drug retailers all over India will have to have a separate rack/ shelf on their licensed premises where only generic drugs will be kept, in such a way that they are visible to customers.

To promote the use of generic medicines, all retail medicine shops in India will have to arrange a separate rack for generic medicines. The rack should be arranged in a way that should be visible to the customers.

In a letter to all state drug controllers, Dr S Eswara Reddy, Drugs Controller General of India, has directed that all the outlets licensed to sell drugs by retail under their jurisdiction should provide a shelf/rack reserved exclusively for stocking generic medicines in the licensed premises, separated from other medicines, which shall be visible to consumers.

Dr Reddy has stated that the matter was deliberated in the meetings of Drug Consultative Committee and Drugs Technical Advisory Board.

The move comes after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly pressed for better availability of generic medicines. Generic medicines are known to be more affordable as compared to branded medicines.

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