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AIIMS launches e-learning to help students learn stress-free

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 Sonali Thakur
Union Health Minister JP Nadda and Minister of State for Health Ashwini Kumar Choubey inaugurated a centralized state of the art SET facility (Skills, E-Learning, Telemedicine) at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi recetly.

The facility will integrate skill-based education and virtual teaching of all streams of education imparted at the premier institute, enabling students to learn in a stress-free environment.  

This is especially relevant in the graduate curriculum where new recruits often have to handle patients and are expected to perform basic lifesaving procedures.

The students will be able to practive medical procedures at the Skills Laboratories to hone their skills before they actually perform the surgeries in operation theatres.

Moreover, skill laboratories will provide a stress-free environment to learn skills and the integrated e-learning and telemedicine facility will allow such skills to be demonstrated to observers over large geographic areas.

The e-learning and telemedicine platforms have led to cost effective, uniform education reaching multitude of students across geographies.

The government has invested in skill based learning of in-service healthcare providers under ‘Daksh skill labs’ and ‘Dakshata’ program of National Health Mission.

SET facility at AIIMS envisions a transformative learning methodology where skill-based learning integrated with e-learning will become an integral part of the course curriculum of the under graduate and post graduate teaching.

The curriculum is designed by the experienced teaching faculty who will supervise the delivery of these skill sets. Curriculum developed at AIIMS Delhi can be adopted by other AIIMS like institutions and other medical colleges.

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