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FORDA launches National Doctor's Front

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 Rohit Shishodia
It is being claimed that this will be the most representative body of medical professionals in India.

The Federation of Resident Doctors Association (FORDA)-India, has launched a nationwide group of doctors consisting of resident doctors, professors and medical students and named it National Doctor's Front (NDF). This will be on the lines of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) that raises issues related to private doctors in India.
The group will raise issues related to doctors such as pay anomalies, increasing assaults on doctors in health facilities, medical education and fee regulation and protest against the National Medical Commission Bill.

Dr Vivek Chouksey, President, FORDA-India, informed that like IMA which favors private doctors on several fronts, the NDF will work not only for private doctors but also for government doctors, faculty, students, HODs, doctors of medical colleges, private practitioners and professors.

Dr Chouksey said that the NDF will associate with resident doctors associations of twenty five states. “Twenty five RDAs have given their support letters. Till date issues pertaining to private doctors have been raised by various doctors’ bodies but there is not a single body that represents government doctors. These doctors work in different government departments and private intuitions,” added Dr Chouksey.

FORDA claimed that NDF will be the biggest doctors association of India that works for betterment of medical fraternity. The NDF will be headed by Dr Pankaj Solanki, Former President of FORDA-India and Dr Ravindra Chouhan, former FORDA-India General Secretary.

The NDF will have a governing council, a central advisory body and representatives from various states who will be incorporated in state medical councils.

The NDF will soon also launch a students’ wing that will be formed to address the issues faced by medical students of various colleges across India.

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