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Hyderabad: NIMS' Internee Staff Nurses go on flash strike

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 Inkeshaf Ahmed
The world famous Hyderabad based NIMS (Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences) Hospital has been hit by a flash strike by internee staff nurses.

The staff nurses actually went on strike four days back. However, the strike took a serious turn on Tuesday following the closure of all operation theaters by the nurses. This has led to the immediate suspension of the regular scheduled surgeries and operation theater based procedures.

The strike has seriously affected the Out Patient services being offered by the hospital. The regular staff nurses have also extended their complete support to the interns and took part in the agitation leading to a near complete suspension of the hospital services.

The officials of the hospital held discussions with the interns. The discussions between the officials of the hospital and the interns are likely to result in the end of the flash strike. The hospital has a total of 500 staff nurses. Of these, 300 nurses are internee staff nurses.

The main reason behind the strike was the usage of 'internee' word for the staff nurses. The striking nurses have alleged that NIMS was the only hospital in the entire country which uses the word 'internee'. They demanded that the authorities immediately stop the usage of the word in day to day administration. They alleged that the usage of the word is causing great inconvenience to them in the discharge of their duties.

Various employees’ unions of health, medical and family welfare department have also extended their support to the flash strike of the internee staff nurses.

An official of the hospital said that they were making all attempts to convince the nurses to withdraw their strike. "Our services have been hit hard due to the strike. Several patients from Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital have also suffered a lot due to it. We have already initiated steps to convince the striking nurses. If required, we will fulfill their demand," the official said.

The term 'Internee' has been in vogue at the NIMS since its inception. NIMS is the only super speciality hospital owned by the State government. NIMS is also famous for organ transplantation surgeries.  It is the referral hospital for almost all government district and area hospitals of the state.

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