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Delhi got 169 dengue patients from other states in one week

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NEW DELHI: Dengue cases have spiralled in Delhi in the past one week, with at least 488 people being diagnosed with dengue, 77 with malaria and 68 with chikungunya, indicates a South Delhi Municipal Corporation report released in the national capital.

The latest report says that of the 488 cases of dengue, 169 were reported in Delhi and the remaining were from neighbouring states.

Senior officials informed DTMT that this year over 1,600 cases of dengue have been reported of which 650 were from across the city, along with 700 cases of malaria. The officials of the corporations have been regularly monitoring the major breeding grounds and notices have been issued to the violators.

The report said that the corporation found mosquito breeding in 1,92,928 households across Delhi till October 6, 2018. And, 1,58,067 legal notices have been served for various violations, while 22,240 prosecutions have been initiated, it said.

The report from the public health department also highlights the sudden spike in cases of positive mosquito breeding being discovered in various areas by the domestic breeding  checkers in Delhi.

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