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Contractual nurses boycott work over salary dues in Hyderabad hospital

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HYDERABAD: Over 200 nurses working on contract at the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad have decided to boycot their duties for two hours every morning and have also threatened to escalate their protest to a full-fledged strike if their salary issue is not resolved.

Annoyed over pending salary dues, contractual nurses working at the Hospital boycotted work for two hours and held a protest march in the hospital campus on October 10, 2018.

R Narasimha, president, Gandhi Hospital Outsourcing and Private Nurses Association, said, “We have not received our salaries for over three months and despite repeated follow ups with the authorities, there has been no response from them.”

He said, “The contractor tells the nurses that he has not received the salary for five months and hence he cannot clear the salaries. We have also represented to the higher authorities.”

Hospital Superintendent and higher authorities in the state health department were given a strike notice by the nurses on October 6.

A staff nurse said, “Managing a house and commute to work daily has become a struggle without salary and is taking a toll on our work. How can we look after the patients in the hospital, when we are struggling to make ends meet?”

Due to the strike, several patients complained that they were unable to find nurses for administering injections and changing of drips. Many attendants were seen struggling to get things moving in the wards on October 10, 2018.

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