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Kurnool Govt. Hospital: Head injury patient left to bleed on floor

Inkeshaf Ahmed
Doctors at the Kurnool district hospital have treated a patient in a completely inhuman manner. The patient was brought to them in an unconscious condition following a head injury and subsequent bleeding. The unconscious patient was allegedly made to lie on the plain floor of the hospital by the doctors.

The doctors did not take him into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital for treatment.

The incident took place at the Nandyal government hospital of the district. According to details revealed by locals, they found the victim lying in a pool of blood near the old bus stand area of Banaganapalle town. They called up the 108 emergency ambulance service which shifted the victim to the government hospital for treatment. However, when the victim was brought into the ICU, the hospital staff left him on the floor despite the fact that the unit had several vacant beds.

They did not even provide the basic first aid to the patient to prevent the loss of blood. This enraged the eyewitnesses and other people who saw the plight of the victim. Sensing that the people were getting angry, the hospital staff shifted the victim to a vacant bed in the ICU and began his treatment.

“This is completely inhuman. I have never seen such doctors in my entire life. They knew that none of the family members of the victim was accompanying him. Instead of attending to him and extending requisite emergency treatment to him, the doctors and the staff just left him on the floor to the mercy of God. We demand that the state government take stern action against the people responsible for this act,” an eye witness demanded. The patient is said to be out of danger now.


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