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TMC MP Dr Shantanu Sen becomes new IMA head

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Rohit Shishodia
Dr Shantanu Sen from West Bengal will now head the Indian Medical Association (IMA) from 2019. He has been elected as the new president of IMA for the year 2019 in the national elections held recently.

Dr Sen is currently a Rajya Sabha member from Trinamool Congress Party (TMC). Dr Sen had been the general secretary of IMA in West Bengal for several years.

Around 2,902 voters from across India cast their vote in the election of the IMA president. These voters are the members of the Central Council of IMA.

Dr Rajan Sharma from Haryana has been elected president of IMA for the year of 2020 in advance.

Mr Mridul Arora, PR, IMA, told DTMT that the national elections of IMA for 2019 and 2020 were conducted and results were declared on November 1, 2018. IMA is a body of more than three lakh doctors across India.

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