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After Jaipur, Zika virus infects 8 in Bhopal in 4 days

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After Rajasthan, Zika virus has now reached Madhya Pradesh, infecting eight patients in the state’s capital Bhopal. The number of patients suffering from the deadly virus is increasing rapidly in the state.

The first case of the virus was detected on November 1, 2018. As on November 4, 2018, the number of patients of the virus has reached eight. It is suspected that this number may increase with the screening of more people.  

The reports of the deadly virus in all eight patients have been confirmed by doctors of Bhopal-AIIMS. A state health official has informed that till date fifty people have been tested for Zika virus. He has assured that the situation is under control and all preventive measures at micro level have been implemented.

Like dengue, the symptoms of Zika virus include fever, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain and headache. Pregnant women are said to be more at high risk of Zika virus and it may affect the development of the fetus.

However, ICMR scientists have ruled out any affect of this virus on pregnant women in Rajasthan where around 159 patients have been tested positive for Zika virus.

For protection from Zika virus, the doctors advise people to avoid places where the the virus is endemic. Using mosquito repellent containing DEET, wearing long sleeves and pants, spraying   clothes (but not yourself) with permethrin-containing compounds and avoiding areas with high concentration of mosquitoes are some preventive steps to avoid the Zika virus.


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