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Morpheus Kasturi Centre: 2nd cycle of IVF care at no extra cost

Dr Ulrich Ghoring and Dr Kalpana M
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Dr Ulrich Ghoring and Dr Kalpana M

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There is good news for women who fail to conceive in the first cycle of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The Morpheus Kasturi International IVF Centre, Hyderabad, will now provide the second cycle of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) care in the cost of the first cycle itself. It may be noted that the first cycle has only 30% success rate in achieving conception.

The cost of the first and second cycles is now Rs 1,20,000, which was earlier the cost of the first cycle only.

Morpheus Kasturi International IVF Center is an Indo-German initiative between the leaders in Infertility Care Morpheus IVF and Kasturi Multispeciality Hospital.

Dr Kalpana M, Core Fertility Specialist, Morpheus Kasturi International IVF Center, said that these days decline of ovarian store and the resultant reduced eggs production is happening at a much younger age of 27-29 years. It is largely occurring due to genetic reasons and lifestyle modifications such as unbalanced diet, lack of exercise and pollution.

Dr Kalpana added that in case decline is seen in the ovarian store of a woman, any further attempt to delay conceiving could only mar the woman's chances of getting pregnant. It is because her egg producing ability reduces further with time. Blockage in both the tubes is the commonest issue for not conceiving in women. The sperm count and sperm motility in males is less, but remain problems that lead to infertility.

Dr Kalpana explained that the center is offering a unique plan to double the chances of pregnancy. As the success rate of IVF is around 30-40% across the globe and research indicates that success rate can improve to 50-60%, if a second or third cycle is done at the same center.

“This is possible because each patient's system reacts to the treatment differently. Some become pregnant with the very first cycle and in some if the conventional procedure fails, a different protocol more suitable for the woman could be tried the second time. This way, the success rate improves and chances of pregnancy are higher,” said Dr Kalpana.

Dr. Ulrich Gohring, Principal, IVF University of Tubingen, Germany, said, “We train the Indian doctors in the latest techniques of IVF and keep them abreast with what is available anywhere in the world.”


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