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Proton Therapy Started in National Cancer Institute, Jhajjar

National Cancer Institute, Jhajjar
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Rohit Shishodia
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 12, 2019, dedicated the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Jhajjar, Haryana, to the country. A unique feature of the treatment in NCI is proton therapy which only targets cancer cells and does not affect the normal cells.

NCI is the first and only government hospital in India to provide proton therapy. The cost of proton therapy is Rs 25 lakh. It is only provided in a few private hospitals in India. NCI is a unit of Delhi-AIIMS.

The other important facilities of the hospital include checking of 60,000 blood samples at a time in the hospital lab, oncology emergency, robotic labs, intra OP and RT facility, brachytherapy and modular OTs.

NIC is has planned 710 beds. 250 out 710 are catering inpatient services. The hospital has been built on 56324 sqm. It cost Rs 2035 crore.

Prof GK Rath, Head NCI, told DTMT that proton therapy treatment would be provided at nominal charges in the hospital.

Dr Rath added that proton therapy does not have any side effect and only targets cancerous cells. This therapy has been found effective in children.

Dr Rath said that NCI will be India’s top cancer research institute and training centre for young doctors. Any institute across India can contact NCI and seek suggestions on various cancer treatments. In fact, NCI will be the mother of all cancer centers in India.

Dr Rath said that presently 40 doctors have been appointed in the hospital. Additionally 2700 posts of doctors and other medical staff will soon be filled.

The other facilities at NCI include palliative care beds, MRI scanners, PET scanners, and nuclear medicines. The hospital also includes a hospital block, OPD block, administrative block, diagnostic and research blocks.

Dr Rath said that NCI is in talks with various NGOs to run vehicles to transport patients from different parts of Haryana and from Delhi-AIIMS.


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