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J&J implants: FDA writes to 100 patients for case details

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MUMBAI: The Maharashtra Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has written to over 100 patients who have had faulty Johnson & Johnson implants urging them to come forward with case details.

The state FDA is scrutinizing compensation claims of patients of Maharashtra before recommending them to the central expert committee in New Delhi. The state panel has received 42 applications so far out of which many have been found entitled for compensation.

The FDA believes that more than 100 patients could be from the state. The state FDA wants all patients to know that a state level panel is looking into these cases.

Earlier, the drug regulator body had sent e-mails to all affected patients but did not get any response to the emails.

The state level panel said that many of the affected patients are waiting for a disability certificate that needs to be submitted along with other papers.


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