Attack on docs in Kolkata: AIIMS RDA tells PM culprits must be arrested

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Dr Amarinder Singh Mallhi, President, Delhi-AIIMS.

 Rohit Shishodia
Disturbed by the inaction of the West Bengal government over the recent assaults on junior doctors in NRS Medical College, Kolkata, the Delhi-AIIMS Resident Doctors Association has sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged him that law should be strictly enforced to protect the lives of doctors. They have also demanded the arrest of culprits who attacked the doctors.

The doctors have threatened that if their demands are not met all the resident doctors of India will resort to nationwide protest and stop work completely.

The AIIMS RDA, in a letter to the Prime Minister, sated, “After the death of an 85-year-old, hope you will admit that doctors can try their best but they are not magicians as medical science has its own limitations.”

In the violence, two junior doctors, Paribaba Mukhopadhyay and Yash Tekwani, were brutally assaulted by relatives of patient, Mohammad Shahid, 85, who had died on June 10, 2019, in NRS Medical College and Hospital.   

The doctors said that AIIMS RDA believes in zero tolerance policy towards violence against residents and firmly stand with the residents of NRS Medical College. Because of poor hospital administrative performance and lackadaisical attitude of police and security officers, resident doctors are not left with any other option but to stop working, they said.

The doctors said “If doctors cannot be provided with healthy working environment, we cannot imagine a healthy nation, which is the bitter truth. We request your government to take immediate action against all culprits. If our demands are not met, all residents of the nation will be forced to hold nationwide protest and stop working completely.”


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