Bihar Govt. to pay treatment cost for kids with AES

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With mounting pressure and criticism for inaction in cases of Muzaffarpur children’s deaths, the Bihar government has announced a slew of measures to tackle the situation, that includes payment of the cost of treatment for children who have AES and fare for transportation from house to hospital.

The government has also directed the state health department to fully equip the Primary Healthcare Centers so that patients needing treatment can be treated close to their home. The fare will be reimbursed.

Bihar Chief Secretary Mr Deepak Kumar said that awareness is being spread that children should not sleep on an empty stomach. All ANMs and Asha workers will distribute ORS to all houses and educate about giving ORS to children.

Mr Kumar said that a team will be sent to each house where children died of AES. The objective of sending teams is to know whether the deaths had any background of family link of diseases.


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