Pharmaceutical companies in India

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Students thank donors on World Marrow Donors day

Over 300 students from RV College of Engineering who have registered themselves as a blood stem cell donors, have thanked donors across the world to mark World Marrow Do

Mumbai docs save twin in womb after other died

DTMT Network
Doctors at Mumbai’s Kharghar Motherhood Hospital have given a new lease of life to 36-year-old Priti Iyer by managing her high risk pregnancy when she had twins in her womb. One of the twins

24% young IT pros suffer neck pain

DTMT Network
Raksha, 26, a computer engineer working in a reputed MNC, left her job 3 years ago due to persistent neck pain. She shares her experience: "I tried almost everyt

E-cigarettes sans nicotine too impact lungs: Study

Rohit Shishodia
Chronic exposure to e-cigarettes' vapors, even without nicotine, can negatively impact normal lung function. This has been found in a recent study conducted on mice in B

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