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Mothers suffer Postpartum Depression
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22% Indian mothers suffer Postpartum Depression: WHO

 Sonali Thakur
There is a need to not just make an effort to reduce maternal mortality, but also to issue of the mental health of the mothers.

Dr K K Aggarwal
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Dr Aggarwal's simple steps to avoid coronary problems

 Priyanka Jha
Even as reports are coming in that the fatalities due to heart attacks have fallen drastically over the past few years in the United States, but have risen sharply in India, DTMT contacted Dr K K Aggarwal, renowned cardiologist and President of Healthcare Foundation of India for his views and what citizens can do.

Population explosion
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Population explosion: India to be most populous country by 2022

 Sonali Thakur
In startling revelation, the UN has indicated that around 214 million women across the world do not use safe and effective family planning methods. Lack of awareness and services and lack support from partners and society are the major causes for not using safe and effective family planning methods, says the world agency.

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Night-shifts up risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer

 Sonali Thakur
Just three days of being on a night shift schedule has the potential to disrupt metabolism.

Dr Nilima Kadambi
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Yoga, counseling, helpline needed to de-stress doctors: Dr Kadambi

 Rohit Shishodia
Exercising, Yoga, meditation, group activities, playing games and sports, listening to music and dancing can be stress busters for doctors who day in and day out serve a large number of patients in a limited period of time, says Dr Nilima Kadambi, Chairperson, IMA Committee for Emotional Health and Wellbeing for Medical Students and Doctors.

Dr. Rajendra Sharma speaking at a conference
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India needs laws to regulate electronic health records: Experts

NEW DELHI: India needs to take urgent steps to formulate a detailed legal framework for maintaining and handling electronic medical records and electronic health records, says Dr. Rajendra Sharma, Medical Superintendent, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi.

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