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Oximeters to home isolated resulted in more recoveries

 Rohit Shishodia

The norms and standards for care in home isolation along with use of oximeters helped to keep a check on the asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients without burdening the hospit

Delhi: Ayurvedic Kadha being given to Covid patients

 Rohit Shishodia

Apart from allopathic treatment, the government is also using Ayush preventive measures to treat patients with Covid. To boost immunity, Covid patients are being given Ayurvedic Kad

AIIMS doc who beat his own depression kills himself

  Rohit Shishodia

A psychiatry trainee at Delhi-AIIMS, who was expected to treat patients of mental illness in future, died from his own psychiatric problem, by jumping from the tenth floor of the h

Covid has peaked in Delhi's fixed population: Expert

 Rohit Shishodia

Dr Jugal Kishore, Director-Head, Community Medicine, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, has told DTMT that Covid has peaked in Delhi’s fixed population, which consists of 60% of tota

Experts emphasize Ayurveda to tackle Covid

 Rohit Shishodia

Experts from Ayurveda industry and PHD Chamber have stressed on Ayurveda for tackling the Covid pandemic. They see merit in employing Ayurveda to battle the deadly virus through imp

New Normal: Niti Aayog spells out Covid-safe behavior

 Rohit Shishodia

Niti Aayog, the Central government’s top policy think tank, has launched two mega campaigns to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic through a slew of measures including we

Yoga effective in tackling migraine: AIIMS study

 Rohit Shishodia

A Delhi-AIIMS study conducted by Department of Neurology, in association with Center for Integrative Medicine and Research (CIMR), has revealed that performing regular Yoga with pre

Govt. tries to remove the Covid stigma in society

 Rohit Shishodia

The Indian Health Ministry has said that people should not label any individual, group or an area for spread of Covid. The objective is to reduce the stigma associated with the dead

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