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Pharmaceutical companies in India

SGRH: Woman has record 53 parotid duct stones removed

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Iraqi patient showing stones removed from her salivary duct

NEW DELHI : A 66-year -old lady from Iraq, who was suffering from recurrent attacks of pain and swelling of the right side parotid gland after having food or drink, has finally found relief with a massive operation conducted by doctors at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi.

The patient recently underwent the “challenging” hi-tech procedure called sialoendoscopy during which 53 stones in her salivary duct and gland were removed without any scar being left.

The patient was diagnosed to have multiple stones in her right sided parotid duct with the largest stone, being about 8mm in size, stuck midway in the duct.

Most of the doctors she had consulted in Iraq and surrounding regions suggested a radical procedure of removal of parotid gland which would inevitably leave an unsightly scar on the face and in all likelihood leave her face paralyzed.

The patient came to India and underwent the sialoendoscopy procedure in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where the procedure revealed that the large stone seen on CT scan was actually a cluster of smaller stones impacted together.

The stones were removed painstakingly one by one using baskets and forceps without any cut in the body. The entire procedure took two hours and in the end 53 stones had been removed.

Dr Varun Rai, ENT Consultant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said, “After extensive review of current literature a single parotid gland having more than 25 stones within the duct is not previously reported. Due to the advent of sialoendoscopy, these types of surgeries can be accomplished without the need for any cut and complete functional gland preservation is the norm.”


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