Pharmaceutical companies in India
Pharmaceutical companies in India

Trans Oral Robotic Surgery improves cancer survival: Dr Kaul

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Dr Sameer Kaul

  DTMT Network
Dr Sameer Kaul, Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology and Robotics, BCPBF Foundation, Delhi, has said that Trans Oral Robotic Surgery (TORS) has improved survival rates of patients suffering from various types of oral cancers even in the fourth stage.

Dr Kaul further added that TORS is an advanced technique which destroys dangerous cancer cells. “Earlier, it was difficult to reach tonsils but now TORS has made it possible to reach them. A robotic hand can kill cancer cells. This technique has proved to be a boon for patients suffering from oral cancer. TORS is the hundred per cent safe,” claimed Dr Kaul.

Dr Kaul pointed out that incidence of oral cancer is increasing in alarming proportions in India. “The deadly disease is highly prevalent here as compared to the western world. However, early detection of oral cancer can ensure treatment but the survival rate is poor in India as compared to the western countries,” he added.

20 per one lakh population is affected by oral cancer in India, which accounts for about 30% of all types of cancers. Over 5 people in India die every hour because of oral cancer.


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