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69-yr-old with rare knee condition treated at Fortis-Delhi

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Sudharshan Kumar Jain after successful knee surgery

NEW DELHI : Doctors at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, successfully treated a 69-year-old patient suffering from a rare knee condition known as ‘hereditary multiple exostosis’. A condition in which multiple benign bone tumors called osteochondromas develop at the end of flat bones such as the hip and shoulder blade, osteochondromas causes immense pain in the joints, deformities and decreases mobility.

Sudharshan Kumar Jain was suffering from severe and debilitating pain in both his knee joints. He could barely walk a few meters and needed painkillers on routine basis. He had sought treatment at many places but finally came to FHSB for surgery.

Dr Amite Pankaj Agarwal, Unit Head – Orthopedics’ and Joint, said, “In this case the patient had multiple lesions around the knee joints and his knees were deformed. In a two hours long surgery, we used latest gadgets and techniques to overcome the difficulties encountered during surgery in this complex scenario. The patient showed immediate signs of recovery and began to walk within six hours of surgery.”

Dr Agarwal stated, “Hereditary multiple exostosis is a genetic disorder. It can also be caused by a genetic mutation. The gene for hereditary multiple exostosis produces a protein that affects bone growth and development, causing bony growths called exostoses.”

“Hereditary multiple exostosis is usually diagnosed around age 3 or 4, when the first exostosis occurs. The exostoses become more prominent as the child grows but stop developing once a child reaches adulthood,” he added.


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