Beware of social media advice on coronavirus: Dr Balani

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The novel coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China, has now become a global crisis. Following the reporting of India’s first n-CoV (novel Coronavirus) case in Kerala, there is a growing number of cases of misinformation about the virus, ranging from racist explanations for the disease’s origin to false claims about miracle cures being circulated on social media.

Dr Deepak Balani, Chief of Medical Services, Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru, has spoken against rumours about the virus spreading via social media and how one can protect oneself from getting infected.

He said that the union health ministry had issued preventive measures against Coronavirus such as maintaining good personal hygiene, wearing masks, avoiding contact with stray animals, not consuming raw/undercooked meat, etc.

Dr Balani has warned that they are not the same as mentioned in the viral post that has been circulated on social media. So, it’s advisable to refrain from such posts and be aware of the situation, he said.

“Unfortunately, there is no vaccination for this disease and antibiotics don’t work. However, one should watch out for symptoms such as fever, cough, headache, runny nose, shortness of breath and myalgia (soreness of the muscles). Avoid self-medication, if you are suspected to have the infection go for a medical health check-up,” explained Dr Balani.


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