Faulty denture, cheek irritation bring oral cancer: Dr Kharbanda

Dr OP Kharbanda
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Dr OP Kharbanda

Rohit Shishodia
Blister in the mouth for more than two weeks, irritation in cheeks and faulty denture could be early signs of oral cancer. Dr OP Kharbanda, Chief, Center for Dental Education and Research (CDER), AIIMS, Delhi, told DTMT: “Being the chief of dental center of AIIMS, I would advise dental surgeons that they should not only screen teeth but they should check oral cavities and other problem related to the teeth.”

Speaking on the sidelines of a 'Cancer Summit' on the occasion of World Cancer Day in Delhi, Dr Kharbanda pointed out that a person should conduct self-examination of oral health. He should be alert if he finds a blister that has not been cured for more than two weeks. “Additionally, if he consumes tobacco products and takes alcohol, then the risk of developing oral cancer increases by thirty per cent. And, if he smokes, then chances of oral cancer increase even more,” he explained.

“The important point is that oral or mouth cancer gives you warning before it strikes. Warning such as redness or whiteness in form of blister would appear in the mouth. If you can get it checked at that point, then it is reversible. There is less chance of survival in mouth cancer. Maximum life is five years,” said Dr Kharbanda.

Dr Kharbanda said that the important thing is that an individual should take care of his oral hygiene and should not consume tobacco products and alcohol. The symptoms of oral cancer include change in voice and narrowing opening of the mouth.


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