Brain dead's organs save 6 in Bengaluru

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The donation of organs of 35-year-old Hemanth Kumar, who died in a road accident, has saved the lives of six people who needed them direly. The organs were retrieved from the brain dead Hemanth and transplanted in the six people in different hospitals in Bengaluru.

Hemanth, hailing from Kunigal area of Tumakuru in Karnataka, suffered a traumatic brain injury following a severe road traffic accident at Sunkadakatte, after he fell from his bike.

He was brought to BR Life SSNMC Hospital in Bengaluru for emergency and advanced care. However, despite all the clinical efforts provided, Hemanth could not survive and was confirmed brain dead by the treating clinical team.

Hemanth’s family approached the medical team at the hospital and expressed their wish to donate his healthy organs to patients in dire need of an immediate transplant.

The organs were procured by a surgical team led by Dr. Rehan Saif, Senior Consultant HPB/Transplant Surgeon; Dr. Rommel S, Consultant HPB/Transplant Surgeon and Dr. Giridhar Venkatesh, Consultant Urologist.

The liver and one of the kidneys were transplanted to patients at BR Life SSNMC Hospital. The lungs, another kidney, heart valves and corneas were transported to other hospitals.  

The liver transplant surgery was performed by Dr Saif, Dr. Rommel S and Dr. Naveen Ganjoo, Senior Consultant Hepatologist.

The kidney transplant was performed by Dr. Venkatesh and Dr. Manjunath S, Consultant Nephrologist.

Dr. Saif said, “Deciding to donate your organs after your death is a gift beyond compare. Hemanth’s family must be applauded for this selfless act which has helped multiple patients with organ failure get a second chance at life.”

Col Hemraj Parmar, Group CEO, BR Life, said, “We have always witnessed a wide gap between the number of organs available and transplants awaited. A donor can save as many as eight lives by donating various parts of the body once deceased.”

Col Parmer added, “I am very happy that through Hemanth, we were able to perform this multi-organ transplant surgery, send organs to other hospitals for patients and create an awareness regarding deceased organ donation. I sincerely thank the family members of Hemanth for providing their consent on time and helping us save lives of people.”


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