Less than 1% of active corona cases on ventilator: Govt.

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 Rohit Shishodia

Amid daily record breaking surge in corona cases and deaths in India, the Indian Health Ministry has informed that less than 1% of corona cases are on ventilators, less than 2% cases are in ICUs and less than 3% cases are on oxygen beds in the hospitals in the country.

The ministry has asserted that only serious patients are being treated in hospitals while those who are asymptomatic have been kept in home isolation. This strategy has kept the hospitals unburdened.

The ministry has also informed that the actual case load of Covid cases in the country is only 3,42,756, as on July 17, 2020. More than 6.35 lakh (63.33%) of the total cases have recovered.  

The ministry said that India, being the second most populous country in the world with 1.35 billion people, has 727.4 cases per million population. On the global scale, cases/million population in India is 4 to 8 times less than some European countries.

According to the ministry, the case fatality rate at 18.6 deaths/million of the country is one of the lowest in the world. The collaborative efforts of all states and union territories for house-to-house surveys, contact tracing, surveillance of containment and buffer zones, perimeter control activities, aggressive testing and timely diagnosis has resulted in early identification of the infected persons. This has helped in early treatment too.

India has followed a standard of care protocol for the differentiated categorization of Covid patients -- mild, moderate and severe -- as clearly formulated in the Clinical Management Protocol of health ministry.

The effective clinical management strategies have shown to yield positive results. Almost 80% of the asymptomatic and mild cases have been advised home isolation under medical supervision. The moderate and severe patients are being treated in either the dedicated Covid hospitals or dedicated Covid health centres.

The strategy of home isolation for the mild and asymptomatic patients has kept the hospitals unburdened, where the focus has been on treatment of the severe cases and reduction of fatalities.


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