Maxillofacial surgery: Accident victims eyes saved at Wockhardt

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Doctors at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, have managed to save the eyes and eliminate the risk of vision loss of a 26-year-old by performing a complex maxillofacial surgery. The patient was discharged without any postoperative complications and is under follow-up for two-three months.

The patient, Yash Kanojia, a resident of Palghar, met with an accident while traveling on a bike. Initially, he was admitted to a local hospital for primary care. The patient was later shifted to Wockhardt.

Dr. Abdul Hameed, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road, said, “On arrival in an emergency the patient was critical and was advised immediate CT Scan to rule the situation of the eyes and facial fractures. His CT scan revealed that there were multiple fractures on the face involving the bones around his eyes and that could have led to the vision impairment.”

“Hence, the patient was advised to undergo fixation of all the facial bone fractures, exploration of eye and repair of the orbital bone fractures impinging on the eyeball.  He was managed with medications till he was neurologically fit for the surgery,” said Dr Hameed.

Dr. Hameed added, “To avoid further complications, it was decided to perform the surgery in one go.  The surgery, which lasted for 3-4 hours, was carried out smoothly with desired results. Timely intervention, proper diagnosis and treatment can save people.”

Patient’s father, Pappu Kanojia, said “His life was shattered after that ghastly accident. He had bruises all over his face and he couldn’t even see properly with the facial fractures compressing his eye. We were disheartened and not able to understand but doctors gave us hope and assurance that he will be fine.”


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