AIIMS docs remove rare brain tumor in 2 year-old

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Baby Anika Yadav after surgery

 Rohit Shishodia
Doctors at Delhi-AIIMS managed to save the life of 2-year-old Anika Yadav by removing her massive and rare brain tumor in a complex surgery.

The surgery was conducted at Covid trauma center. The parents of the baby heaved a sigh of relief as any delay in treatment could have resulted in death of the baby.

The surgery involved multiple challenges to the doctors as the baby was Covid positive and handling her without an attendant and adhering to Covid protocol was an uphill task. These challenges were overcome after Dr Deepak Gupta, who led the surgery, allowed the baby's mother with her. Interestingly, the baby's mother remained Covid-free through the course of treatment.

Speaking to DTMT about the surgery, Dr Gupta said, “The tumor was involving one full temporal lobe of the brain of the child and extending to the parietal lobe also. It was pressing on the brain stem of the child and any delay in surgery could have led to the death of the child. Biopsy report came out to be that of a very rare tumor. Correct size of the tumor was 7.1 x 5.6 x 5.7 cm.”

Interestingly, it was the first non-trauma neurosurgical surgery conducted in Delhi-AIIMS since March 2020, when the nationwide lockdown was imposed to curb Coronavirus spread.

Dr Gupta said, “Anika’s estimated blood volume was 750 ml and maximum allowable blood loss was 150 ml. As the tumor was highly vascular, she lost approximately 2000cc blood. Total blood volume replaced was almost 3 times. Tumor was removed completely and the postoperative child was extubated the next day and was back with her mother without any neurological deficits.”

“This was the first non-trauma Neurosurgical operation done at our Covid trauma center since March 2020. Planning involved looking at and managing logistics to do this complex high risk procedure in Covid operation theatre on first floor,” he added.

“Most satisfying part was the child was with Covid negative mother throughout the course. Covid setups have taught us tough lessons and most important take home is stay connected and empathetic towards the patient and family and not otherwise,” said Dr Gupta.

Anika’s father informed that she was vomiting regularly which worried him and his wife. “We consulted a local doctor and gave medicines. She recovered after some time. But again she complained of a headache and started vomiting. Then, we approached AIIMS where she was diagnosed for brain tumor. I am very thankful to Dr Deepak Gupta who removed her tumor,” he added.


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