Two bikers: True crusaders of road safety

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Bikers Abhijet Singh Kohli and Prasad Chaulkar with Dr Praveen Aggarwal from AIIMS and Dr Patanjali Dev Nayar from WHO

Rohit Shishodia

Around 1,50,000 people in India lose their lives in road accidents every year, translating into one death in four minutes. Experts have repeatedly stressed that preventing deaths is only possible through massive awareness.

Taking serious note of deaths and injuries triggered by the road accidents, two bikers Abhijit Singh Kohli, also known as Biker Gyaani and Prasad Chaulkar from Mumbai voluntarily have come out from their homes on India’s highways and in the interior areas of the country to educate people about the road safety.

Kohli runs a business of bike accessories in Navi Mumbai while Chaulkar is a martial art trainer.

The bikers will ride all the areas where monuments are printed on Indian currency notes.

Speaking exclusively to Drug Today Medical Times, Kohli said, “We are giving messages to the people as to how they can prevent getting injured during road accidents and how emergency medicine can help them. Delhi-AIIMS and India US Council of Emergency Medicine are helping us to lead the campaign. ”

"It is a twenty-three days ride which will cover a distance of 6,800 kilometres. The drive began from Mumbai. We are also YouTubers. We make people in villages and other areas aware of issues related to road injuries."

Using riding jackets, pants and shoes protect the riders from injuries in the event of a road accident, especially in remote areas," said Kohli.

"Our experience is that most of the people wear helmets due to fear of police. In some areas police also don’t take action. Wearing helmets, though mandatory under law, needs to be rigorously implemented at ground level," he explained.

Both the riders have already covered 5,000 kilometres in different states.


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