World Breastfeeding Week: Skin-to-skin contact has amazing effects, says expert

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Skin-to-skin contact has amazing effects. There is plenty of evidence that supports its advantages. Your infant should be positioned next to you when doing skin-to-skin contact. Her tummy, chest, and shoulders ought to be facing you. You should be able to view her face because her head should be turned to one side, Ms Deepti, Consultant Dietician and Birth Educator, Apollo Cradle & Childrens Hospitals, Jubilee Hills and Kondapur, Hyderabad.

“If you are unable to hold your newborn for the first few minutes after birth, try to do so as soon as you can. Don’t expect your baby to want to latch as soon as he is born. However, most babies will be ready to breastfeed after they have had some time to take in their new surroundings. Your baby will let you know that he is ready for that first breastfeeding session. Just watch for his feeding cues,” she added.

She further said that most mamas are in bed the first time their baby wants to breastfeed. Make sure that mothers get comfortable.

“There are four common positions to nurse in. In all the positions, your baby should be turned in toward your body. You want him to be able to latch without having to turn his head to the side,” she added.

 Speaking about the cradle hold, Ms Deepti said, “This is probably the most familiar position. It is not necessarily the best one to start with, though. I like to say it’s an “advanced” position. It will feel more comfortable when you and your baby have a bit more breastfeeding experience.”

 “In the cradle hold position, you will hold your baby in the crook of your arm. You offer the breast that is on the same side as the arm you use to hold your baby. Use your opposite hand to hold your breast,” she added.

 On Cross Cradle Hold, she said, “This is a position that gives you a lot of control. You hold your baby with the arm that is opposite of the breast you offer. Hold your breast with the same hand as the breast you are feeding from,”

 On football hold, Ms Depti said, “This is another position that gives you good control. Your baby is tucked against the side of your body. You will use the same breast as the arm that is holding the baby. Your opposite hand will hold your breast. The key to football is to keep your baby close to you.”

 While explaining about the side-lying position, she said, “This position can be tricky in the early days. Having someone to assist is helpful. Both you and the baby are lying on your sides, facing each other. Baby latches to the breast that is closest to the bed.”




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