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Incorporate ethics, morality in education system: Psychologists

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Navdeep Nandre:

 Two minors in Mumbai recently killed a three-year-old for Rs one core ransom. The number of crimes committed by minors has increased in recent times.

Experts believe that there is a need for change in the prevailing education system and in the child's environment to address this growing problem.

“Our education system is based on competition, mainly for jobs. Our education does not have any subject for moral values,” says Dr. Om Prakash, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences, New Delhi.

Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan, Consultant Psychiatrist, Paras Hospital, Gurugram, agrees. Talking about modern education, she says: “Now a day’s children are taught subjects like Harry Porter. I am not saying it is unethical, but emphasis on ethical subjects has decreased.”

Dr. Prakash says that an environment which includes parents, peers and neighbours plays an active role in shaping the mental health of a child. However, he says that parents have a direct role in influencing the mental health of a child.

“We, as a generation of parents, have less time for the children, are more devoted to work and are in a continuous urge to achieve things. In order to inculcate the same habits in our children, we emphasize more on achievements and less on moral and ethical values, which is not good for the mental health of a child" said Dr. Madan.

The experts advise that to curb such impulsive crimes by children, parents and the school education should give more importance to moral and ethical values.

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