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Maharashtra doctors to learn cancer treatment online

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Early detection and treatment of cancer will mean that more patients will survive this deadly disease.

Doctors who are not cancer specialists now have an opportunity to learn how to detect and treat cancer patients. Mumbai’s Tata Memorial hospital, along with the Maharashtra government, has launched online tutorials for them.

The duration of the course is seven months and comprises 14 hours of video lectures, assessment questionnaires and interactive webinars. Informing about the course, Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, HoD, Head and Neck Cancer, Tata Memorial Hospital, has been quoted as saying that the course has been designed for non-cancer specialists such as physicians, gynecologists and dentists.

Dr Chaturvedi informed the media that launching online tutorials will enable reaching millions of doctors serving in rural areas and tier-two cities who may not have time to attend medical conferences. He said this is likely to increase survival rates and decrease the cost of treatment.

A senior health official of the directorate of health services, Maharashtra, informed  that the state government will use the course for doctors who will be part of a month long oral cancer screening program in December 2017. About 8,500 doctors are expected to benefit from these online tutorials.  

These online tutorials may be rolled out at the national level too. Around fifty thousand patients diagnosed at later stages succumb to cancer every year in Maharashtra. It is understood that around 30 lakh patients are suffering from cancer. Experts say that unhealthy lifestyle is the major reason behind the increasing incidence of this deadly disease.

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