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Cancer patients need drugs, and also the healing touch: Dr Grover

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 Rohit Shishodia
Cancer treatment is more effective when the patient is jovial and positive. The doctor can create this positive energy, says Dr R K Grover, from his experience.

Apart from providing treatment, cancer doctors require to relax patients and inculcate positive energy in them so that they get treatment in a better frame of mind and their fears can be alleviated. This positively impacts the treatment, says Dr RK Grover, Director, Delhi State Cancer Institute (DSCI).  

DSCI was awarded for being the Best Innovative Cancer Institute for 2017 at the 7th International Healthcare Summit Awards-2017. The award was given in New Delhi by Worldwide Achievers, India’s leading market research company.

“When cancer patients come to hospitals, by and large, fear is written on their faces. It seems that they have been given a death sentence. Not only the patient, the family as a whole is quite disturbed. At that moment, you have to show that you are deeply concerned for them,” added Dr Grover.

“Give a pat on back. Your hand on the shoulder and a smile can reduce the fear of cancer patients. Assure them that you are with them and they need not worry,” recommends Dr Grover.

Dr Grover shares that he has come across cancer patients who come at the later stage but were jovial and positive. These patients respond well in treatment, but patients who come in the early stage and have very anxious and fearful nature, do poorly in treatment. That is why the patient's attitude also plays an important role in the treatment process. The attitude of patients must be positive.

“For prevention of cancer, regular health checkups are a must. If cancer is diagnosed early, it would help in treatment. For example, cervical cancer takes 10 to 15 years to develop. We just need one test by which we can detect it at the earliest. Breast cancer can be detected early by mammography.” explains Dr Grover.

Dr Grover asserts that for a long and healthy life, an individual has to have a good lifestyle, a positive attitude and stay away from bad habits.

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