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Rare case: Apollo Hospital saves man with ruptured heart

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NEW DELHI: There was an inch long rupture in the free wall of the left ventricle of the patient and blood clots gushed out of the patient's heart. The patient's life was saved, he made full recovery, and was discharged.

A 55-year-old man with a ruptured heart was miraculously brought back to life through a breakthrough procedure conducted at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. The man had been feeling weak and feverish for a couple of days.

Vinod Kumar, 55, an accountant, had fainted and was admitted to the Apollo hospital with a critical heart condition on December 25, 2017. The doctors in the emergency resuscitated him and immediately put him on ventilator support.

A team of doctors led by Dr. Mukesh Goel, senior consultant, cardio thoracic and vascular surgeon, then started the life-saving therapy and mended his heart to ensure the patient remained stable.

The patient was put on the heart-lung machine for emergency surgery. During the procedure, doctors found an inch long wound on the back of the left ventricle. It was a spontaneous rupture of the free wall of the left ventricle.

Blood clots gushed out of the patient’s heart during surgery, making the procedure a challenge. His heart was then arrested by injecting potassium and the wound repaired.

Dr Goel told DTMT, "A hole in the wall of the heart is extremely rare and fatal in majority of cases. Blood clots gushed out of the patient’s heart during surgery making the procedure a challenge. “

“If the patient was not admitted in time, his chances of being alive today would be zero. It happens only in 1-2% heart attack patients,” Dr Goel claimed.

He maintained, “Within a few days in hospital, Kumar has made a full recovery without any complications and will soon be discharged from the hospital.”

Mahesh Chandra Garg, senior consultant, cardiology, stated that the incident highlights some important points, “Heart attack can manifest in multiple ways and even if one is just feeling unwell, it should not be ignored, especially if one is above 40.”

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