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Orally Disintegrating Strips: New Mode of Medication

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Deepika Rana

Everyone can understand the pain of an asthma patient carrying his bulky nebulizer, or when a child having nausea swallows medicines even when he is not wanting to.

Voluntary swallowing of medicines has always been a mess for children, elderly, mentally challenged, nauseated, unconscious and bed-ridden patients. Some people avoid taking water during travelling to prevent frequent urination, which makes swallowing traditional medicines inconvenient.

Dr. Anwar Daud, Chairman & Managing Director of ZIM Laboratories Limited, Nagpur, talked to DTMT about a non-obstructive dosage form developed in their lab. Orally Disintegrating Strips (ODS), developed using Thinoral technology, is ZIM’s latest innovation. As Dr Daud mentioned, around 50-70 percent of people face difficulty while taking tablets and capsules. For such people ZIM Labs has developed affordable fast dissolving, non-sticky, wettable, non-tacky & non-curving drug films.

These strips are uniformly thin with large surface area with flexible and faster release profile (for poor solubility drugs). The strips are comparatively more convenient to administer as they don’t require water. Through ODS, ZIM Labs is trying to overcome the ritual of medication being an unpleasant and inconvenient affair for patients. Dosage remains same and it takes just 3-6 seconds for the strip to dissolve completely on the tongue.

ODS can be used for thermo labile drugs, liquid actives and bitter actives. Being flexible makes them easy to store and transport along with availability in child resistant sachet. It provides improved bioavailability and stability by avoiding first pass metabolism. Strip allows ventures for flavoring and palatability and it has reduced choking risk.

Dr Daud told DTMT that ZIM Labs has signed agreements with other pharmaceutical companies for better market availability of strips at various outlets. ZIM Labs ODS is unique as it is non-sticky unlike the ones developed internationally. Dr Daud has tried to keep the affordability of these strips almost equivalent to the tablets.

Talking about the limitations of ODS, Dr Daud said that it can be loaded only up to 100mg. Sometimes the patient is asked to take two incompatible drugs side by side, which is not possible with ODS, as strip-on-a-strip will stick to each other or sometimes the tongue size can create an issue.

ZIM (Zeal & Innovation in Medicine) Laboratories Limited has been in the market for more than 25 years and has always aimed at devising convenient drug delivery methods. Dr Daud assured that ZIM labs will come up with new innovative researches from time-to-time.

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