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Infection: Major cause of mortality in first 90 days of life

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Avoiding infections in hospitals and preventing mistakes and medical errors through implementation of proper guidelines can go a long way in improving patient outcomes.

Doctors at Pune’s Surya Hospital advise that infections in hospitals are the major cause of mortality and morbidity in infants under the age of three months. They add that widespread availability of antibiotics and their indiscriminate and inappropriate use also contribute to this problem, along with poor infection-control practices in hospitals.

These views were expressed in a two-day workshop organized recently in Surya hospital for training doctors on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement in Newborn and Pediatric Care. The workshop was organized in association with McMaster Children’s Hospital, Canada. The Surya hospital will train doctors and paramedical staff of neonatal care units.

Dr. Bhupendra S Avasthi, Founder and MD, Surya Mother & Childcare, said “Lakhs of children and adults experience an adverse event in hospital. We ensure doctors all across would be given a proper training of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement in Newborn and Pediatric Care.”

Dr Sachin Shah, Pediatrician & Neonatologist, Surya Hospital informed: “Surya Hospital will work closely with the Maharashtra government for training doctors and paramedical staff of Special Newborn Care Units (SNCU’s). We will guide various nursing homes and hospitals in providing a better health facility and minimizing adverse events, handling difficult patients and families and improving handover between change of shifts which are the common issues today.”

Maharashtra Health Minister Dr. Deepak Sawant said “Surya Hospital and McMaster Children's Hospital, Canada, came together and initiated Patient Safety Guidelines Workshop in Pune. Such training programs are beneficial for doctors and hospitals. Hospital infection can increase stay of patient. These are small issues and require to be highlighted. Such educational series are very important to train doctors and paramedical staff.”

Dr Madan Roy, Deputy Chief, McMaster Children's Hospital, Canada, thanked Surya Hospital for giving an opportunity to train doctors & paramedic staff helping them recognize and prevent mistakes and medical error that can occur during hospital stay.

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