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Nourishment increases survival of malnourished kids with cancer

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A fund-raising event was recently launched in Chennai by Anand Rathi Wealth Services to support Cuddles Foundation in providing food and nutrition to 100 malnourished children diagnosed with cancer. It has been observed that children suffering from cancer should be provided proper nutritious food to reduce their chances of dying.

Cuddles Foundation, an NGO based in Mumbai, has tied up with Anand Rathi Wealth Services that aims to raise funds to provide food and nutrition to malnourished children undergoing treatment for cancer. This will include children undergoing treatment in Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai.

Cuddles Foundation is an NGO that provides holistic nutritional support to underprivileged children affected by cancer. Later, the patients in Christian Medical College, Vellore, and Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre, Madurai, will also get these services from Cuddles Foundation.

Survival chances of underprivileged children are 90 to 92 percent but most of them end up having incomplete treatment because of malnutrition.

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