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These are signs your body might be in health trouble

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PATIALA: If you listen to what your body is telling you about your health, you will spot your problems at the first stage and get treated early with the least damage.

There are reasons why patients in India may not want to visit doctors in time. Often, patients themselves don’t know that something is wrong with their health.

This means that when the patients do present themselves in a hospital or clinic, doctors end-up managing patients who are either critically ill or are suffering due to having reached the critical stage.

Dr. Prashant Bhatt, Consultant-Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala, says, “Some of the common symptoms of poor health are sleeping problems, feeling low-energy or easily fatigued, sudden changes in body weight, dark yellow urine, continuous cough and flu or frequently catching cold, prolonging bowel and bladder issues. These are the body’s ways of letting you know that the system is malfunctioning and it needs your attention.”

Dr Bhatt adds, “Dark urine is usually a sign of less water intake in your body. It is also indicative of waste material not filtering out of your system completely, and is indicative of jaundice, hepatitis, and many liver and kidney diseases.”

“Fatigue is a symptom of a number of diseases such as anemia, diabetes, depression, thyroid problems, sleep apnea, and many more. Our body slows down if there is an underlying infection which is testing the immunity,” he added.

Dr Bhatt maintains that unintentional weight gain is linked to hormonal changes and certain medications such as corticosteroids, weight loss can be triggered by undiagnosed cancer, COPD, depression, HIV/AIDS, TB, and many other diseases.

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