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India’s First Laparoscopic Left Lateral Donor Hepatectomy at Fortis-Gurugram

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GURUGRAM: Doctors from the Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, recently conducted a laparoscopic left lateral hepatectomy on a 23-year-old Iraqi woman who donated a part of her liver to her ailing son.

Two and half years old  Ali Baha Hussain had been suffering from liver disease. As his condition deteriorated day by day, his mother came forward and voluntarily donated a part of her  liver. In India, this is the first case where such minimally invasive technical procedures have been employed to conduct a liver transplant.

The patient had a condition known as ‘glycogen storage disease’, which is a precursor to advanced liver disease and liver cirrhosis. The child was weak and his growth was severely stunted.

Hussain had not grown in tandem with his age. It was only a matter of time before his condition deteriorated. When it did, his mother stepped forward and selflessly offered to donate a part of her liver.

After a thorough medical examination, a graft was retrieved from the left lateral segment of the donor. The entire procedure took 10 hours.

Dr. Vivek Vij, Director- Liver Transplant, at Fortis Healthcare said that the minimally invasive surgical techniques to conduct the surgery posed several technical difficulties. It also presented the patient with several advantages such as lesser pain, invisible scars which lead to psychological and social acceptance and much lesser wound related complications.

He claimed, “The recovery was smooth and uneventful with minimum hospital stay for the donor.”

Dr Vij clarified, “The technological transition from the traditional liver transplantation to totally laparoscopy donor hepatectomy has multi - fold benefits.”

“Liver donors will benefit most from minimally invasive surgery as laparoscopic organ procurement ensures an excellent cosmetic and psycho - social outcome,” he added.

Dr Vij clarified that it is for the first time that such a surgery has been performed in India. Other countries like Korea and France are already doing such surgeries with good outcomes.

He announced, “Going forward, we will be developing right lobe donor hepatectomy for adult patients.”

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