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Beat the heat with increased water intake: Doctors

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 Priyanka Jha
The scorching heat has meant an increase in the number of patients of sun stroke, dust allergy, loose motions and jaundice. One should avoid spicy and junk food, and should consume plenty of water and juice, say doctors.

Doctors have recommended various steps such as increased water intake and use of face mask to protect from dust and sunburn and to beat the scorching heat that is making life difficult for people across North India.

The doctors say that people should not eat spicy, oily and junk food to avoid any digestive problems. They say that people should always carry a bottle of water while going out. The water one drinks should be without impurities.

Dr Sudhir Kumar, Consultant-Physician, Headquarter, East Delhi Municipal Corporation, says that the number of patients of dust allergy and heat stroke has increased now-a-days.

“To protect oneself from heat stroke, one should increase the intake of water and juice in the diet. Protect yourself with face N-95 mask and anti allergic tablets with advise from the doctor," says Dr Kumar.

Dr Shivam Yadav, Senior Consultant, Department of Medicine, Acharya Shree Bhikshu Hospital, Delhi Government, informs that patients suffering from loose motions and jaundice due to consumption of contaminated water have increased in the last few day.

Dr Yadav also says that as a measure of protection from such health complications, one should take sufficient water, a healthy-balanced diet and avoid junk food.

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