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Gene-based homeopathic therapy launched in India

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GURUGRAM: Risk in individuals will be discovered through saliva sample with targeted treatment.

In a major breakthrough in homeopathic treatment, Dr Batra’s, a multi-specialty homeopathy chain of clinics, has launched gene based homeopathic therapy which redefines the future of healing.

“It is revolutionary, first time in the country, that the risk in individuals will be discovered through saliva sample with targeted treatment,” said Dr Mukesh Batra, chairman of Batra’s Group of companies.

Dr Batra explained that genes of every person are as unique as his finger print or iris. Therefore, medicines will be given based on their genetic make-up, and will be as unique as every individual, so that the medicines work more effectively for every patient.”

“Geno Homeopathy tests are designed based on the vast experience of treating 15 lakh patients at Dr Batra’s clinics for the varied disorders of allergy, hair loss, preventive health, sexual health, stress management, child health, skin disorders, preventive health, women's health and weight management,” he said.

“Patients can therefore target a whole gamut of ailments with this simple, genetic test that is painless and cost-effective and it is available at all Dr Batra’s clinics including 10 clinics abroad,” he added.

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