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Fortis doctors remove 856 stones from 45-year-old’s kidneys

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NEW DELHI: Doctors at the Fortis Hospital-Shalimar Bagh have successfully removed an astounding 856 kidney stones from a 45-year-old patient’s body. This was done by adopting minimally invasive surgical techniques.

All the stones were removed from the left kidney and urinary tract/pelvis in one go with a single 1 cm puncture.

Munesh Kumar Gupta, checked into Fortis-Shalimar Bagh complaining of blood in his urine last month. An ultrasound revealed the presence of two stones, which were roughly 33 millimeters in size each.

Doctors operated on Gupta recently in a Minimally Invasive Surgery procedure that lasted about two hours. However, during the surgery, the doctors were astonished as 856 stones were found in the left kidney and urinary tract.

On further evaluation, it was discovered that there was swelling in the left kidney and the kidney’s functionality had been compromised. A temporary tubing was put in the left ureter after removing the stones, to circumvent the ureteric obstruction. Subsequently, the patient was planned for a second stage surgery to correct the obstruction with minimally invasive procedure -laser endopyelotomy.

Dr. Rajinder Yadav, Director, Department of Urology and Kidney Transplant, said: “The surgery was done using minimally invasive techniques, which resulted in less pain and loss of blood and lasted for over two hours. The patient was discharged the next day post the surgery.”

He added, “Kidney stones are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside the kidneys, which makes the urine concentrated, allowing minerals to crystallize and stick together.”

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