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SGRH study: Diabetic males more prone to erectile dysfunction

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NEW DELHI: A recent study by Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), Delhi, has revealed that 78.7 per cent of males suffering from diabetes have some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED). The study also shows that prevalence of such ED in non-diabetic control group was 46 per cent.

The study indicated that the severity of ED increases with the duration of diabetes. The study has been published in the journal Current Medicine, Research and Practice. It was conducted from April 2015 to June 2017.

The research was done on 225 diabetic males aged between 18 and 65 years. All of the respondents had Type 2 diabetes. Another group of 50 were non-diabetic males.

It was found that 173 diabetic males (78.7 per cent) had some degree of ED, whereas prevalence of ED in non-diabetic control group of 50 healthy individuals was around 46 per cent.

Dr Atul Kakar, vice-chairperson, department of medicine, SGRH, said, “Erectile dysfunction in men is a commonly seen complication in Type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is described as a condition due to which there is incompetence to sustain an erection needed to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse.”

He added that ED has high prevalence in diabetics and occurs in early ages in diabetic males as against others.

Dr A. Gogia, senior consultant, SGRH, said, “One of the interesting findings was that the longer the duration of diabetes, more was the risk of ED. The study showed that among patients with diabetes duration less than five years, 43.6 per cent had ED with only 3.6 per cent had severe ED.

In patients with diabetes duration between six to 10 years, 83 per cent had ED, with 10.9 per cent having severe ED. In patients with diabetes duration more than 10 years, 78.6 per cent has ED with 16.4 per cent having severe ED.

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