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Indian Psychiatry Society, IMA to help doctors tackle stress

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 Rohit Shishodia
The Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS) will help and train doctors to tackle stress and depression that they face due to their hectic work schedule. IPS has planned to organize events across India to help doctors facing depression.

The increasing violence and assaults on doctors by aggravated attendants of patients has become a matter of serious concern for the healthcare providers.

Not only these assaults, but also suicides by doctors during their studies is now a burning topic of discussion among doctors. The doctors want to tackle the depression so that they do not take extreme steps such as suicide.

At the launch of IMA Initiative of Emotional Health and Wellbeing for Medical Students and Doctors, Dr Ajit Bhide, President, IPS, outlined the multi-prolonged holistic approach that IMA will take to provide timely professional support and tools for positive mental health to doctors.

“Creating adequate awareness and willingness to accept help among medical students and young doctors for mental health challenges is just the first step in the right direction,” said Dr Bhide.

“IMA and IPS doctors will work collaboratively and leverage technology to expand the scope of support services and extend professional help to medical students across India,” added Dr Bhide.

Dr Nilima Kadambi, Chairperson, IMA Committee for Emotional Health and Wellbeing for Medical Students and Doctors, announced that for reducing stress among medical students, IMA will organize mini events across India at various IMA branches and medical colleges in different cities.

Dr Kadambi said that an on-line survey to assess the stress levels and suicide risks among medical students and doctors has also been launched. “This will hopefully give IMA a clearer picture about the extent of the issues, the unmet needs of the medical community in India and pointers for the most popular interventions requested by Medicos,” added Dr Kadambi.

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