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Yoga, counseling, helpline needed to de-stress doctors: Dr Kadambi

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 Rohit Shishodia
Exercising, Yoga, meditation, group activities, playing games and sports, listening to music and dancing can be stress busters for doctors who day in and day out serve a large number of patients in a limited period of time, says Dr Nilima Kadambi, Chairperson, IMA Committee for Emotional Health and Wellbeing for Medical Students and Doctors.

Dr Kadambi points out that these activities can be used by anybody but doctors have to incorporate them into their life and they have to carve out some time for themselves, their families and personal needs. This way they can reduce depression and stress.

Speaking about reasons behind the increasing cases of suicides by young doctors, Dr Kadambi says that a person coming from a different region and working in a different atmosphere, as there is no family, no friend circle, and no language friendly atmosphere, could also be a reason behind mental health problems among young doctors.

Dr Kadambi says that many suicides by young doctors remain unreported.

Dr Kadambi highlights that many doctors do not have their weekly off. They face unrealistic demands. All this builds up and creates mental agitation, burnout, exhaustion and feeling of helplessness.

“Doctors have to develop a system within themselves -- such as counseling cells and helpline numbers -- to handle mental illness. There should be adequate rest facilities and adequate working hours, particularly for junior doctors,” added Dr Kadambi.

“At the medical council level, we are going to recommend from Indian Psychiatry Society for inclusion of more classes and courses on self help counseling and identifying early signs of mental illness in patients, colleagues and themselves so that they can reach out for help,” explained Dr Kadambi.

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