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New Technology detects water contamination in 5 minutes

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Rohit Shishodia

India's National Center for Compositional Characterization of Materials (NCCCM), has developed visual kits that can detect fluoride, chromium (VI) and iron in water within five minutes.

This technology detects chemicals in contaminated water that often cause life threatening ailments such as cancer.

Informing Parliament about the initiative, Dr Jitendra Singh, Minister of State (IC), PMO, Atomic Energy and Space, said that technology for indigenous manufacturing of these kits has been transferred to six private entrepreneurs and the product is available in the market. In all detection kits developed, reagents kept in different bottles are to be added to the water sample.

The minister said that reagents are mixed for two minutes in the contaminated water and within five minutes the colour starts developing in the top layer, the intensity of colour is compared with a colour chart by visual inspection to obtain the concentration range of the contaminant.

“Iron contamination detection kit is not ready but very soon it will be available to private entrepreneurs,” added the minister.

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