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Dr Mradul Kaushik: Leveraging technology for hospital management

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Dr Mradul Kaushik is Director Operations and Planning at Radiant Life Care Pvt. Ltd, which manages the BLK Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi and Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in Mumbai. Dr Kaushik's responsibilities include planning of medical and clinical sourcing, project management, quality in healthcare, hospital administration & IT implementation. Dr Kaushik has over two decades of experience in healthcare out of which the last 17 years have been in administrative capacity. Prior to joining Radiant, Dr Kaushik worked with Fortis-Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, Medanta, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and Sant Parmanand hospital in various capacities. In an exclusive interview with BS Rawat, Dr Kaushik shares his insights in healthcare management, especially community based care, primary care, research on health and the challenges that lie ahead. Excerpts:

Drug Today Medical Times:- Please share your thoughts about your journey so far?

Dr Mradul Kaushik:- The journey so far has been very remarkable. As a medical professional, my prime duty is to save lives, and this requires the highest degree of dedication and hard work along with constant enhancement of expertise and training. Indian healthcare is on the cusp of transformation, and the rising disease burden calls for extra efforts. It is very satisfying that at Radiant Life Care, which manages BLK  Super Speciality Hospital (Delhi) and Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital (Mumbai), I am able to contribute my 100% to the growth of the sector by providing high-quality treatment and care. The Hospital has  always set high benchmarks in patient care and healthcare delivery systems.

DTMT: How do you feel about BLK Super Speciality Hospital being presented with healthcare and wellness award recently?

DMK: We feel very excited and humbled on receiving such an honour. This prestigious award testifies to our constant endeavour to provide world-class patient care while maintaining highest standards in healthcare delivery systems across India. This award is a testament to the earnest hard work and dedication of our BLK team in all spheres of medical services. We have gone ahead to redefine patient care with technologically advanced innovations, excellent support services for overseas patients with an uncompromising desire to deliver the highest standards of services for the overall satisfaction of our patients.

DTMT: What is your contribution to the field of tertiary care and what have you found to be the biggest challenge?

DMK: We are delivering world-class healthcare services thanks to our highly-experienced and internationally trained medical professionals. We have been early adopters of new medical technologies and our belief in innovations is instrumental in keeping us ahead in providing the best services in tertiary care. The role of tertiary care is very critical in providing quality and affordable care to all. Now when India is creating a new institutional structure to achieve the goal of Universal Health Coverage, focus certainly needs to be on the most vulnerable population. The biggest challenge before us is to provide cost-effective services to our patients and to address this we have adopted new tools, IT architecture, technologies and processes. The entire hospital management has undergone a radical transformation.

DTMT: Tell us something about Radiant group's expansion plans?

DMK: Our vision is to create high-end, state-of-the-art tertiary care facilities anchored on clinical excellence, to deliver the best of health care services. And so, we are progressively growing and working towards expanding by acquiring new healthcare institutions in India as well as globally.  At present, Radiant is managing two Healthcare groups, BLK Super Speciality Hospital-Delhi and Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital-Mumbai.

DTMT: Please tell us about the community outreach campaign “Know Cancer – No Cancer” initiative?

DMK: With the aim to provide super specialised healthcare facilities to the residents of Delhi-NCR and other adjoining cities, this community outreach campaign was initiated, in association with Rotary Club of Rajendra Place, under the aegis of Radiant Life Care Foundation.  This is a year-long campaign wherein we will organize Cancer Camps at various locations for screenings of breast, cervical, prostate and head & neck cancer. Under the campaign, the hospital offers the benefit of high-end investigations like Mammography, Pap smear for females, prostate screening for males and Head & Neck screening for both males and females at no cost at all.

DTMT: How is BLK Super Speciality Hospital deploying technology in quality control and in providing better care to its patients?

DMK: Firstly, we are using newer technologies which are purely for clinical use. We have adopted the latest technologies in X-rays, MRI, Robots, Radiation and Minimal Invasive Surgeries etc. to enhance clinical outcomes. Secondly, we have convenient tools such as information technology driven process and procedures. Thirdly, we have adopted technologies which help our employees enhance productivity. Finally, we are utilising technologies such as data analytics and data related tools which support in making the hospital management system robust.

DTMT: How do you think the country can bridge the huge gap between demand and supply of qualified medical practitioners?

DMK: Earlier, doctors preferred working abroad for reasons of enhancing their expertise and for better packages. Now, India is also offering them advanced facilities, medical technologies and remunerations matching the global standards. As a result, professionals from other countries are also coming to India for practice. At BLK, we are working towards providing special training to our paramedics and nursing staff to enhance their expertise.

DTMT: What needs to happen to make the healthcare system more patient-centric?

DMK: More awareness about medical-claim policies at the patient level and increasing insurance penetration will help curb the disruptive trends, which the Indian health economy is currently witnessing. For this, we are adopting new components which link people, process and technology seamlessly.

DTMT: How important is medical tourism today?

DMK: We get a large number of overseas patients at BLK in varied specialties including Bone Marrow Transplants (BMT), Cancer, Cardio and Orthopaedics etc. Our healthcare sector has been powered by the latest technological developments that have added immensely to the standard of medical care offered. We have been immensely contributing to the growth of Indian medical tourism with our high-quality treatment.

DTMT: What is the primary focus of your CSR activities?

DMK: The hospital’s CSR activities focus on creating awareness about diseases and prevention. This year, we organised several camps for school children and their parents at different schools in Delhi/NCR and neighbouring regions where our senior consultants provided valuable tips to students, teachers and parents. Going forward, we plan to reinforce our efforts in enhancing the outreach road-map.

DTMT: Targeting the Indian market also requires training and research for everyone. How do you integrate this side of things?

DMK: Our senior doctors are highly qualified and internationally trained, and in turn, they facilitate in capacity building by imparting their learning to their team members. Our doctors keep themselves abreast on research and latest developments in the medical sphere. Even our paramedics are highly trained to handle emergency situations. Training and research is an ongoing process, and we keep ourselves updated by constantly being on the learning curve. We regularly send our experts to attend international conferences / seminars and organise/participate in CMEs which help in training the professionals.

DTMT: As a successful administrator, what is the secret behind your success?

DMK: To be a successful administrator, you need to lead the team efficiently with a vision for opportunities and future growth. Your expertise and experience makes you a good leader. Hard and smart work, dedication and determination help earn trust and full support from all levels. Being honest to oneself enhances your integrity, and that leads to success. In a leadership position, your success essentially depends on how you motivate and influence your team to perform under your guidance. Hence, it becomes imperative to lead by example!’

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