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Mumbai: 100-yr-old woman operated for crumbling femur

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A 100-year-old woman, who had crumbling in her thigh bone (Femur) due to a fall, has been successfully operated at Mumbai’s Hinduja Healthcare Surgical Hospital.

The surgery was done by Dr Aditya Khemka, Orthopedic Surgeon, Hinduja Healthcare, on August 4, 2018. It took an hour to insert a plate and put the bones back together. Since then, she has recovered very well and is now in the hospital ward without too much pain.

The femur bone of the woman had crumbled into multiple fragments. Her scans revealed that the bone was very weak due to low calcium – osteoporosis. The case was further complicated by hip/ proximal to Femur having some rods and screws.

The woman is now being managed on calcium supplementation and paracetamol tablets. Her diet is back to normal and she is well oriented. Her daughter says she is a strong willed woman but has never been this good since a year.

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