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Magnetic stimulation can treat depression: Doctors

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NEW DELHI: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a non-drug based treatment option, can effectively treat depression by rebooting the activity of key brain circuits in patients suffering from the disorder, doctors claim.

The doctors were speaking at an event in New Delhi where TMS was launched by Rangsons Healthcare.

Dr. Murali S. Rao, Professor in Loyola University, Chicago, USA, said that he used psilocybin - the psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in TMS - to treat patients with depression in whom conventional treatment had failed.

Dr Rao, who has been practicing this modality of treatment, found that patients taking psilocybin to treat depression showed reduced symptoms weeks after treatment.

Doctors believe the psychedelic compound may successfully reset the activity of key brain circuits known to play a role in depression.

Dr Rao told DTMT, “This novel approach, directly affecting the disrupted neural circuitry in the brain, could benefit thousands of patients who are now suffering silently”

Mr Pavan Ranga, MD, Rangsons, and Managing Partner, NR Group, said, “This advanced treatment has helped over a million people in the US and it has now been brought to India. Our psychiatrists and psychologists are trained in global best practices to understand the unique needs of patients and develop personalized treatment plans.”

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