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LifeCell launches DNA testing to detect 50 medical conditions in infants

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LifeCell International, a Chennai-based  stem cell bank and diagnostic company, has launched “RightStart” -the world’s first Integrated DNA screening for infants' screening, to detect over 50 medical conditions.

RightStart has been found to drastically reduce the false-positive reporting and avoid unnecessary follow-up tests and anxiety of the parents.

A LifeCell press release states that this DNA based test is reliable for confirmation as it does not get impacted by interference such as medications, nutrition, temperature, or preterm status.  

“RightStart” also provides more accurate results and saves time and effort enabling a speedy diagnosis to start the treatment. More importantly, the parents are alerted to the risk only if the DNA tests are positive, thereby reducing parental concerns.

Mr Ishaan Khanna, CEO, Diagnostics and BioBank Divisions, LifeCell International, said “For the first time, over 50 conditions can be tested with RightStart’s integrated DNA testing in India with a faster throughput and higher accuracy of test results”.

Dr Vrajesh Udani, Consultant in Child Neurology and Epilepsy, Hinduja Hospital and  Saifee Hospital, Mumbai,  said “ This technology will help in eliminating false positives. False positive reports in newborn screening cause unwanted concerns and sometimes unwarranted treatments.”

Dr Udani added that a large number of newborn  deaths can be prevented by screening newborns at birth for a variety of inborn genetic and metabolic disorders. One is alerted even before the symptoms start showing up so that they can be managed at an early stage to reduce or even eliminate the burden of disease.

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